Our next Labyrinth Walks:

September 18, 2020 6-9 PM (drop-in)

December 19, 2020 4-7 PM (drop-in)

Directed Day Retreats – we’ll lead any of the following for a group of 10 or less that you gather and schedule. ($70.00 deposit)  $500.00, 9am-3pm, includes lunch, snacks and drinks.

  1. Introduction to Silence and Solitude
  2. The Practice of Centering Prayer (John)
  3. Rituals of Consent to Aging (Sandy)
  4. Transitions (John)
  5. Spiritual discernment at the Crossroads of Life
  6. Self-Care for (name your group)
  7. Working together as a team (name your group)
  8. Praying with our different personalities and preferences
  9. The elements of spirituality in wind, earth, water and fire
  10. Experiencing Various Ways to Prayer

For your personal retreats tucked into ordinary life, between these more formal day or weekend retreat times, click onto one of these resources: